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    White Laminate Flooring

    Do you want to know a simple trick to make your home look modern and sophisticated? White laminate flooring is the answer.

    But don’t settle for just any white flooring. It must be white laminate flooring. The white long strips make any room in your home look longer. They also add a hint of freshness through their clean look.

    You may think finding white laminate floors is difficult. It doesn’t have to be when you visit Remland Carpets. We offer a wide range of wood and laminate flooring to make it easier to pick a style for your purpose.

    White Laminate Floors

    We urge you to view the online catalogue. The different white laminate options at Remland give off a genuine look of white engineered wood flooring. But no two white flooring products are really the same.

    Trust Remland to offer white laminate floors that suit any room. You can have the same floors in your kitchen, dining room or bedrooms and they’ll look as if they belong. And they’re durable enough to use anywhere!

    The Reasons Why You Need White Laminate Floors

    It’s completely understandable that you feel installing white laminate floors is a big risk. This is especially true if you have children because you know they’re going to mess.

    Don’t let them be the reason why you can’t have fashionable floors. There are many reasons why installing these floors into your home will leave you delighted:

    • Laminate flooring is easy to clean and almost scratch resistant.
    • Spills won’t leave stains easily.
    • It’s perfect for small spaces. The light and airy look of them makes any room appear larger.
    • The floors are thick and durable & hold up in large traffic zones well.

    The floors also match any décor theme. Simple white walls, with wood furniture and mirror accents with a dash of black looks just as good as country chic décor with floral finishes.

    Even when your style changes your floors don’t need to as these transition well into any look.

    What to Expect From Remland Carpets

    You’ll love purchasing floors from us. Why?

    • All our white laminate ranges are affordable
    • You’re offered durable and thick boards
    • You get a manufacturer’s guarantee of up to 20 years
    • Free delivery to your door on qualifying online orders*

    Pick Remland as your laminate flooring specialists. Our devoted team will cater to your every need. Be adventurous and purchase white laminate floors at Remland. Your home will be transformed overnight! We’re waiting for your order.

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