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    Stain Resistant Carpets

    It should be obvious why you might want to consider a stain resistant carpet for your home. Not only can you benefit from the comfort of a brand new carpet, but you can also take advantage of the stain resistant properties of our selection. Stain resistant carpets are often made from easy to clean materials with durable construction styles, including our berber loop carpets and twist pile carpets. One of the main benefits of our range is their ability to be cleaned easily - we have a wide selection of bleach cleanable carpets which takes the stress and hassle out of cleaning spillages, and maintain the same great look as they did when they were first installed. Our stain proof carpets are perfect for residential and commercial spaces alike, so whether you’re looking for a contract carpet, dining room carpet or even a bathroom carpet, our range can help keep your carpet stain free. 

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    We know that if you have kids or if you’re just accident prone, it’s important that you choose the perfect stain proof and bleach cleanable carpet, to make maintenance and cleaning as easy as possible. We don’t take any chances, which is why we’ve hand picked our range of stain resistant carpets from trusted manufacturers in the UK and across the world. With a wide selection of affordable stain proof carpets on offer, everyone can have a high quality carpet without compromising on aesthetics or functionality.

    Benefits of Stain Resistant Carpets

    It’s easy to focus on the stain resistant and bleach cleanable benefits of our range, but it’s important not to forget about all of the other advantages of our carpets that you won’t find in other types of flooring, including vinyl flooring. With comfort, warmth and visually appealing designs all on offer, our stain resistant carpets are proof that you can have it all without breaking the bank.

    Design Choices To Fit Any Home

    Regardless of your current choice of designs, colourways or furniture, we have a stain proof carpet that’ll fit in seamlessly. If you want something to spark some intrigue, one of our patterned carpets or striped carpets is bound to do the trick, giving you an interesting focal point of your space - you could even go for a glitter carpet if you’re feeling extra wacky! If you want something a little less out there, check out our single colour carpets. Blue carpets, red carpets or one of our more neutral carpets are popular choices, depending on the plan you have in mind. It also goes without saying that our stain resistant range is ideal for kids carpets, so if you’re looking for new flooring for your little one, you’re in the right place!

    Stay Warm When Walking Around!

    Why wouldn’t you want warm feet when you move around your home? We know we do! Our stain resistant carpets don’t come at the expense of comfort and warmth, so whatever you choose, you’ll be able to get the best of both worlds. That doesn’t mean there aren’t differences between styles though - if you want something luxuriously soft, our deep pile saxony carpets are definitely the way to go. 

    Ideal For Residential & Commercial Spaces

    The durable and stain resistant properties of our bleach cleanable carpets makes them the ideal candidate for either residential or commercial properties. Accidents happen, and we think it pays to be prepared rather than regret after it’s too late. It’s no secret that getting stains out of carpets is a tricky task, so why not make it as easy for yourself as possible, whether it’s dealing with stains made by kids, adults or even the dog!

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