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    Red Carpet Tiles

    Do you want to take a walk on the red carpet? Why not install your very own?
    At Remland Carpets you’ll find a range of red carpet tiles and they’re the perfect way to make a statement in your home or office space.
    Red has been a favourite flooring colour for a long time. It makes an impression on anyone who walks into the room so it’s the ideal way to make a statement. If you love bold colours you must consider red flooring.

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    Why choose Carpet Tiles?

    Do you also want these bold carpets to compliment your rooms?
    How Red Carpet Tiles Benefit You
    It doesn’t matter which red you pick you’ll be making a statement when you use it. There is some drama attached to most reds.
    And maybe that’s what your rooms need.
    Reds can brighten up a room and the warm undertones can make it feel more inviting. That’s what you want in your home and you can achieve this simply by installing red carpet tiles.
    In your office your red floor will represent power to impress people when you need it most.
    That’s the power of red. And with the quality carpet tiles available at Remland you’ll enjoy these effects for a long time because they won’t show wear and tear quickly.
    If you’re planning a DIY project carpet tiles make even more sense. They’re easy to cut down to size for unique shaped rooms and installation is easy. Remember you can find all installation accessories here on our site.
    The Range of Reds
    The first thing you must realise is the wide range of reds you can pick from when partnering with Remland. No you don’t have to be intimidated by the bright fire engine reds.
    You can use crimsons, maroons and rust colours that can add character to a room without being too overwhelming.
    All you have to do is find the one most suited for you.

    Why choose Remland Carpets?

    Remland Products Available Online
    At Remland we only stock the best. You can browse products to find:

    • Heavy duty carpet tiles with up to 20 year manufacturers guarantees.
    • Stain resistant carpet tiles such as the Flotex Metro Tiles that will present well for years.
    • Carpet tiles that won’t aggravate allergies. Some carpet tiles are so well designed that they’re approved by the British Allergy Foundation.
    • Plain designs and patterned products such as JHS’ Amalfi Scarlet striped tiles that give just the right amount of detail to a room.

    You can purchase all these products online. Browse through Remland’s products or visit our showroom. We will even send you flooring samples if you want to make sure your favourite designs will match your current décor.
    How can Remland Help You Today?
    You can see all you need for flooring solutions can be found at Remland. The best of all is that you’ll get it at affordable prices.
    Place your order today and we will deliver it fast to most parts of the UK. We’re ready to assist you!

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