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Budget Carpet Tiles

Do you want to redo your floor but you have a limited budget? Remland Carpets can help you find the perfect solution. And don’t think you have to settle for low quality products.

All of our budget carpet tiles range offer stunning designs, durable products and a wide variety.
Browse through these options currently available. Then place your order so you don’t miss out on excellent deals.

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Why Choose Budget Carpet Tiles?

You can find popular carpet tiles here in our budget section. We source directly from our manufacturers and place certain products on sale. Why? Because we want to help all our customers find quality solutions at affordable prices.
Where can You Use Budget Options?
And because of the style and quality these products can work anywhere:
  • Your home’s entrance hall because carpet tiles are durable enough to sustain high traffic
  • Living room areas because carpets add warmth to any space
  • Offices because carpet tiles always represent quality and style
  • Airports, hospitals or other public areas where hard wearing flooring is required
And there are other ways you can make your new flooring more affordable. Remland will help you every step of the way.
Budget Carpet Tiles - the All-Round Cost Saving Option
With these carpet tiles you don’t only save on the purchase price, but other aspects too.
Minimal resources and skills are needed to install carpet tiles. You don’t have to pay a professional, because you can do it yourself. That saves you money.
You also save in these areas:
  • Tools: You don’t need special equipment to install carpet tiles except a carpet knife and adhesive. Accessories can be found on Remland’s online store.
  • Renovation costs: Carpet tiles can simply be laid over your original flooring. This saves you more labour costs and time.
Carpet tiles are easy to maintain. You don’t need special equipment or strong cleaning products. Simply vacuum regularly. This results in low maintenance costs.
Replacing carpet tiles is one of the best aspects of these products. If one carpet tile has suffered irrevocable damages what do you do?
You only need to replace the individual tile. This results in huge cost savings because you don’t need to replace the entire floor.
Can you see why this is the best long term flooring option?
You won’t have to replace these carpet tiles for years. They’re stain resistant and keep looking great in heavy traffic areas. Once again you’ll get long term benefits, that make sense for your budget, by making a wise flooring decision now.
And Remland will help you all the way. You can visit our showroom if you want to view items up close or you can order samples of most of our products. Remember, we also offer:
Pick a budget carpet tile from Remland to save now and in the future. Order online to get the best prices and enjoy free delivery if your order exceeds £49. Which design will you pick?