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Velvet Carpets

There’s nothing quite as comfortable as thick, velvet carpet in the home. Sinking your toes into brand new carpet once you kick your shoes off can feel fantastic, so it’s in the interest of Remland Carpets to ensure that you get the best quality carpets possible for your home. Our velvet carpets come in a range of sizes and colours, but it’s the styles that really give your carpet choice that little bit of luxury.

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Velvet Carpet Ranges

Mayfair Velvet, one of our velvet carpet options, is a high-quality carpet that is designed to withstand high traffic use in both residential and commercial areas. It’s made from pure wool, which gives it resilience. We also have the Lano Bamboo Luxe velvet carpet on offer, as well as many other Velvet Carpet ranges by Lano.


Velvet Carpet Offers & Delivery

Remland Carpets currently has an offer rolling of 22% off of Mayfair Velvet carpets; you can save a massive £11.00 per metre squared and buying online can give you the quote you want. We offer free, fast delivery for mainland areas and we are confident in both our service and the way that you will feel once those carpets are installed. Don’t forget to order your accessories from our range of door bars, underlays and thresholds on offer. We have carpets to suit all budgets, and we know it!