Taking Care of your Flotex


When vacuuming, set the brush adjustment to the lowest setting, push forward at normal speed and pull back at half speed. This gives the brush time to sweep out any fluff etc that may have been pushed between the fibres.

Wet Cleaning

Flotex benefits from the occasional wet clean. This can be carried out with a machine such as Vax or hot-water extraction machine. The detergent supplied with these machines is suitable for use on Flotex. However, it should only be used in a very weak solution. Mopping or wiping is not recommended as this only cleans the tips of the pile.

Dealing with Spillages

  • Wet Spillages
    Includes fatty foods, cooking oils, water-based drinks, non-fatty sauces, oil, petrol, paraffin. If possible, remove the spillage as soon as it occurs. If the spillage has dried, pour on hot water and allow to soak for five to ten minutes before attempting to remove it. For small areas use the scrape, scrub, rinse routine shown below, using a weak detergent solution or suitable carpet cleaner (one teaspoon detergent to five litres of water).
  • Dry Spillages
    Includes washing powder, dry powder, spices. Life off any excess spillage. Vacuum/brush thoroughly. DO NOT use water. This will simply activate bleaching or colouring agents and could result in permanent staining.
  • Mud
    Allow to dry then vacuum. Then refer to scrape, scrub, rinse routine or wet cleaning section.
  • Waxes
    Scrape off excess. Use suitable dry cleaning fluid, then rinse.
  • Tar, solidified fat
    Use suitable dry cleaning fluid. Then refer to scrape, scrub, rinse routine or wet cleaning section.
  • Paint
    Scrape off excess. Water based: Wash with detergent solution. Spirit based: Use suitable dry cleaning fluid, methylated spirit or white spirit. In all cases, rinse after removing.
  • Alcoholic Drinks
    Scrape off excess. Wash with weak detergent solution or methylated/white spirit. Rinse.
  • Ball-point ink, Shoe polish
    Use methylated spirit or white spirit. Wash with weak detergent solution. Rinse.
  • Chewing gum, sweets, plasticine, modelling clay
    Freeze with suitable freexing agent and break off bristle pieces. If necessary, wipe sparingly with suitable dry cleaning fluid.


Flotex can be permanently damaged by strong acids, strong alkalis, some solvents or materials containing them. It can also be stained by dyes, foodstuffs and other materials containing dyes or strong colorants. Bleach and substances containing bleach, oxidising and reducing agents may also damage and/or decolourise Flotex.

Damage may be minimized by immediately diluting the spillage with water, then removing with an absorbent material or extraction machine. Urine can also stain Flotex if not cleaned effectively.

Vinyl Carpet Protector

Not recommended, can damage Flotex.


Cigarette or other hot object can melt the nylon pile, resulting in permanent damage. Repairs are possible. Call 01773 740603 for details.

Clean Away

As easy as scrape, scrub, rinse.

Stage 1: SCRAPE
Scrape off as much of the spillage as possible.

Stage 2: SCRUB
Pour a liberal amount of hot water onto the area. Add a small amount of detergent (approximately one teaspoon of detergent to five litres of water). Then scrub using a stiff brush and scrape the dirty solution into an absorbent cloth.

Stage 3: RINSE
Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Scrape the excess water into an absorbent cloth and leave to dry.

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