Yellow Vinyl Flooring

Are you looking for a way to make a statement through your interior design features? Our range of yellow vinyl flooring may be what you’ve been waiting for.
As well as being stylish, our vinyl flooring is affordable, durable and easy to install
Ready to make this part of your renovation or building projects? Remland Carpets wide range will help you find the perfect design.
But we know flooring is a long-term commitment. Below are some facts to help you make your decision.

Why Choose Yellow?

Who Needs Yellow Vinyl Flooring?
If you’ve noticed your home or office is looking gloomy then liven it up with some colour. Each shade and design we offer will bring more energy into a room. This is how you can transform a living room or kitchen.
Yellow stimulates inspiration which can work perfectly in certain work environments:

  • Architecture
  • Creative agencies
  • Interior design companies

If you want to stay original you may need to decorate with an original colour.
But who else needs inspiration?
Schools and other educational facilities can benefit from this stimulation too. It encourages children to be imaginative, making schools fun learning environments.
Do you realise how colour determines how beneficial a space can be? How will you apply this in your own home or office?
Places You can Use Vinyl Flooring
Because of the durability of vinyl flooring you can use it anywhere. It won’t show scuff marks, damage or stains easily so it will serve you well even in high traffic areas.
Who will you trust to supply your quality flooring?

Why Choose Remland?

Remland’s Offer
There are perks to picking Remland as your provider of yellow vinyl flooring.
Remland offers extensive shades of yellow so you can find one perfect for your decorative needs.
The shades include:

  • Sunburst
  • Gold
  • Mustard
  • Corn
  • Golden yellow
  • Buttercup
  • Saffron
  • Yellow

Which of these best match your décor style?
The expert manufacturers we source from, such as Leoline and Beauflor, use these shades in many patterns and striped designs to give you a variety of options.
And we provide their products at the lowest prices possible.
Remland’s Affordable Solutions
Apart from our products being affordable you’ll love other money saving features too:

  • Vinyl floors are hard wearing so you won’t have to replace them quickly
  • You get manufacturers’ guarantees that cover you for years to come
  • Most orders offer FREE* Delivery 

Do you see why we’re the best to partner with when it comes to flooring solutions? And our friendly team is ready to assist you. Visit our showroom in Kent if you still can’t decide which yellow vinyl flooring design you should pick.
Remland Carpets wants to help you realise all your flooring dreams. Find your flooring and accessories here on our site and place your order today.