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    Artificial Grass

    It’s that time of year again! Summer is staring you in the face, don’t let dry, bare, turf ruin the already unpredictable Great British Summer - go hassle free with artifical grass. 

    As with any flooring type, the choices of synthetic grass available to you are vast. You’ll be pleased to know that Remland Carpets are on hand to make the decision process easy; your lawn will soon look luscious with our selection of artificial turf.

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    Where can You Use Fake Turf?

    Plastic grass started out being used for sports venues. What better way to ensure athletes always have green grass to compete on?

    But now you can use it at home too.

    Outside Use

    Why not consider fake grass the next time your garden causes you frustration?

    • It doesn’t want to recover fast enough after too much or too little rain.
    • You simply don’t have the time or interest to look after a garden.
    • You need to cut back on water expenses.
    • Your soil is simply not favourable to plants’ growth.
    • There is too much shade so the sun never reaches certain areas.
    • Grass aggravates your family’s allergies, so you need an alternative option.

    These situations require an original approach and no you have the perfect one.

    Artificial grass is the perfect solution.

    The best artificial grass in the market is stocked at Remland Carpets. These products look authentic and you don’t have to do anything to keep it looking great.

    What more do you need?

    That’s how the right type of flooring makes life easier! And that’s why it’s important you pick the correct products.

    Remland also offers artificial grass price options that will make it a viable option.

    Remland sources from the best to help you find the most practical option. And this goes for inside your home too.


    Why not use this as a durable flooring option inside your rooms?

    • Kids’ rooms or play areas can be as inviting inside as outside.
    • Create a natural approach with fake turf and some plants.
    • Add a natural feel to a patio, porch or rooftop area.

    You don’t have to risk damaging your structure because no soil, water or irrigation is necessary. All the accessories you need are available at Remland too:

    • Lawn Fix Tape
    • Adhesives
    • Tools

    What is artificial grass?

    What is Artifical Grass?

    Yes, it’s challenging to trust a new product you’re not used to. What exactly is fake grass?

    Artificial grass is made of synthetic fibres embedded on backing made from substances such as polyester tyre cord. The fibres represent grass in colour, size and texture, but they don’t require much maintenance except occasional brushing.

    Because of the substances used it can be installed outside. It won’t easily get damaged by the elements.

    Does it really look authentic?

    This product has come a long way since it first became popular in the 1960s. Today manufacturers use different coloured fibres so the best artificial grass options closely resemble real grass. 

    This flooring will look as striking as it’s practical!

    Remland – Your Best Option when it Comes to Fake Grass

    We know what a huge commitment new flooring is. Remland makes sure you get the best options available on the market. 


    The brands we source fake grass from are known for their excellent products:

    • Oryzon Grass comes from Belgium. The company is respected for quality. Because the fibres will last long your maintenance time and expenses will be extremely low. 
    • The Lano Collection is loved for its UV stable features. Your grass won’t fade in colour or deteriorate in quality because of harsh sunlight.

    Products are manufactured with certain differences so you can find one that matches your requirements:

    • Different lengths ranging from 20mm to 60mm
    • Different pile weights described in weight per m²
    • Different hues

    Clearance Products at the Lowest Prices

    And Remland helps you find a solution even if your budget is limited.

    Our clearance range offers quality flooring options at extremely low prices. You can get durable products discounted up to 50%. 


    Because we source directly from manufacturers and old stock is provided at these prices to make room for new items.

    If you want temporary solutions or first want to see if this is the flooring option you need, why not pick a clearance product? You’ll still get the guarantees as with other Remland products.

    It’s the same quality you’re used to at Remland, but with a price tag you’ll love!

    Act fast, because this stock is limited. 

    The benefits

    Benefits of Fake Turf

    Still deciding whether this is the flooring solution for you?

    Here’s what you’re missing out on if your garden - or floor - isn’t replaced with artificial grass yet:

    • Your grass will be green all year.
    • You save money, time and labour on maintenance.
    • You save money on water.
    • You can utilise more areas such as your roof.
    • It’s a faster solution than nurturing a garden. If you need your spaces to look great instantly, this makes sense! Order from Remland today to get your flooring process started!

    Best of all is artificial grass costs are low when you turn to Remland. We always endeavour to offer our customers the best prices on the market.

    Remland Wants to Help You Find the Perfect Flooring Solution

    This is simply one of the unique and practical flooring solutions you’ll find at Remland. We stock it all:

    • Carpets
    • Commercial flooring
    • Laminates
    • Vinyl
    • Wood

    And it’s all available in wide ranges at low prices.

    What do you need today? We even have accessories. You can get the best artificial grass, all your other flooring requirements and the Remland team will deliver it to your door.

    Only the best artificial grass

    Our wide range of fake lawns are supplied by only the best manufacturers. Each of them supply realistic looking grass at excellent prices. Lano is one of Europe's leading artificial grass manufacturers, providing UV stable grass that will transform your garden. Oryzon Grass is made in Belgium and is renowned for producing high quality yarns that are durable and require very little maintenance. And finally, if you want your lawn to look pristine like a putting green, take a look at The Grass Collection UK.

    With all of our products being extremely high quality but remaining low cost; Remland Carpets is the perfect place to order your artificial lawn, we are always on hand to answer any questions you might have. Whether it’s for indoor and outdoor use, we have the right turf for every customer.

    Check out our clearance offers for the latest online bargains. Order today for fast delivery to most parts of the UK - Transform your garden for less with Remland Carpets.

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