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    Artificial Grass

    It’s that time of year again! Summer is staring you in the face, don’t let dry, bare, turf ruin the already unpredictable Great British Summer - go hassle free with artifical grass. 

    As with any flooring type, the choices of synthetic grass available to you are vast. You’ll be pleased to know that Remland Carpets are on hand to make the decision process easy; your lawn will soon look luscious with our selection of artificial turf.

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    Best Artificial Grass For Homeowners

    Best synthetic grass for the home

    When you think about how imitation grass is used, the first thing that comes to mind may well be outdoor sports venues, or various other commercial settings. However, you can easily transform your home using artificial grass rolls, with both outdoor and indoor applications that will provide you with endless advantages and potentially some inspiration for your next redecoration project!


    Outdoor Fake Grass For Gardens

    Let’s face it, everyone faces annoyances with their garden sooner or later - maintaining your lawn can be a physical and financial challenge, as well as being time consuming. Using our best artificial grass rolls can help alleviate a lot of these issues:

    • Grass is slow to recover after too little or too much rain, a problem that artificial turf never has in the first place.

    • Imitation grass requires very little maintenance, so you can alleviate some of the pressures that grass gives you if you don’t have the time or patience to look after it.

    • You can cut back on water expenses by using fake grass for your garden.

    • If grass aggravates any allergies you or your family may have, then an artificial lawn can give you a pleasant outdoor space that you don’t have to avoid!


    We’ll happily provide you with some great fake turf options at cheap prices; we want to help you find the most practical choice for your garden, which is why we source synthetic turf from the best manufacturers to make sure our customers receive the highest quality products!


    Using Artificial Turf Indoors

    Have you considered using artificial grass rolls indoors? If not, then we’d recommend it! There are many ways you could use our ranges of fake grass for your interior:


    • Children’s play rooms and play areas can be made more inviting and interesting by using some imitation grass as flooring.

    • Artificial lawn flooring can be used to add a naturalistic touch to a porch area.

    • You can also benefit from indoor fake grass by creating an interesting and natural approach to any room - you can get creative by using fake grass rolls!


    And with no risk of damage since there’s no need for soil, water or anything else - our cheap artificial grass for your home is truly the way to go!

    What Is Artificial Grass?

    What is artificial turf?

    Whilst the benefits of artificial grass are immense, it can be understandably difficult to commit to a product that you don’t know much about. So what exactly is fake grass?

    Faux grass is made of synthetic fibres, embedded on backing that’s made from substances such as polyester tyre cord. These fibres are then made to look like grass, in colour, size and texture, but do not require much more maintenance than a quick brush! They’re also durable and can withstand the weather, making it the perfect material for the outside as well as inside.

    This flooring option has come a long way since it became popular in the 1960s; manufacturers have developed artificial turf so it looks more authentic than ever before, whilst maintaining its practicality (which is reminiscent of some other flooring types, such as vinyl flooring and laminate flooring!).


    Artificial Grass Brands

    There are many excellent brands of artificial turf on the market, and out of these ranges we provide only the best faux grass to our customers. For instance, our Lano Landscaping Artificial Grass Collection offers some amazing options for your home, with authentic and high-quality artificial turf choices; Lano is also known for its UV resistance, so the quality will be maintained for years to come, regardless of harsh sunlight!

    And if you’re tempted by the prospect of having some artificial grass but want a certain design to match a desired aesthetic, then don’t fear - our range of faux grass has plenty of differences so you can pick the perfect one:


    • Different fake grass lengths ranging from 20mm to 60mm

    • Different imitation grass pile weights (described as weight per m2)

    • Plenty of hues to suit your taste


    This allows an already practical flooring option to be versatile and extremely attractive, making our cheap artificial grass an amazing choice for your home regardless of your needs or preferences!

    Benefits of Faux Grass

    What are some benefits of fake turf?

    If you’re still undecided whether some faux grass is the right thing for you, then here’s a reminder of all the benefits you could be getting by replacing your garden (or floor) with some fake turf:


    • Your artificial grass will keep its colour year-round.

    • You can save money, time and hassle with the easy maintenance of fake grass for gardens.

    • You’ll also save significant amounts on water!

    • More areas of your home can benefit using artificial turf, for instance roofs, indoor areas and patio areas.

    • It’s a far faster solution than caring for and growing a garden, which can take far too long - imitation grass makes an immediate difference to your outdoor space!


    Affordability of an artificial lawn

    As well as saving on all sorts of maintenance, getting some of your own artificial grass rolls is not an expensive endeavour - our cheap artificial grass options are able to suit any budget that you may have, and since we only source the highest quality imitation grass you’ll get an amazing product without spending a fortune. 

    As well as that, you can explore our range of clearance artificial grass and find some fake grass bargains for your latest renovation project!


    Artificial Lawn Accessories

    We can even offer you some artificial grass accessories, to make your life as easy as possible if you do opt for some faux grass of your own! Our accessories for artificial grass will turn installing it into a doddle, with adhesive tape, membranes, fixing pegs and more; when picking out some incredible rolls of faux grass, make sure to order some of these too to ensure laying it down is as simple a process as possible.

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