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Seagrass Carpet Tiles


When you’re decorating your commercial space, what type of message do you want to convey to visitors, staff and clients? It’s got to be that you want to impress with your professionalism and uniquely decorated office. Seagrass designs are very popular, and when you want your office to be on trend - but stay on budget - then Remland Carpets has exactly what you need. Seagrass carpet tiles and carpet planks create the eye-catching look you want for your office, workplace or even your home and Remland Carpets captures the ‘Rurban’ space SO well with these.

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Seagrass Carpets Ranges


Any business owner who is revamping their office and is looking to do it with the lowest budget possible, Remland Carpets have lots of amazing offers on a range of carpets to choose from. We know that we need to be competitive to interest you during your office renovation project, which is why we are offering seagrass carpet tiles from as low as £6.99. You can get creative with your interior design with these carpet planks, and we can offer you a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee on our Forbo options. With our Flotex range, we can offer you great discounts on the Flotex seagrass planks, with an impressive 20-year manufacturer’s guarantee.


Our seagrass carpets range includes brands such as Flotex and Forbo, both of which boast thick carpets that are built to last. We offer free, fast delivery for mainland areas and we are confident in both our service and the way that you will feel once your seagrass carpet is installed.