Black Vinyl Flooring

The answer to making your home seem vibrant and modern may come from a surprising source. Have you ever thought about adding some black vinyl flooring?
And this change doesn’t have to be expensive. Simply browse through Remland Carpets black vinyl flooring range and find a design that will enhance your home’s décor.

Why Choose Black Flooring?

These flooring options can convert your home into one that is modern and a real show stopper.
Read on to see why vinyl flooring is the smart option these days.
Benefits of Using Black
Black is a bold colour statement. And no, it doesn’t only represent coolness or mystery. You simply have to match it with the right décor.
Visit our showroom in Kent or order some samples. You can see how the flooring looks with your décor so you pick the perfect design.
Here’s what it can add to your spaces at home or the office.
A Modern Feel
Black is a quick décor method that instantly modernises rooms. You don’t need to renovate or install new furniture.
When black floors are paired with a light colour wall the room appears more open and alive.
Black Represents Sophistication
Walk on a black floor and you’ll see how sophisticated the room seems. This is because:
  • Black is a simple colour that makes a huge statement.
  • Black is associated with superiority and power. Simply think of limousines, tuxedos and evening wear.
Don’t you want to add these features to your home? Vinyl flooring can do this for you.
Black Always Looks Clean
Compared to light coloured floors, dust and debris don’t show as clearly on a black vinyl floor. Your home will always look clean and polished.
But is vinyl a smart option?

Why Choose Vinyl?

Why Vinyl Flooring?
There are many reasons why vinyl flooring has been popular since its invention in the 1930s. Here’s why.
Vinyl floors are stain and scratch resistant which allow them to look brand new for years after they’ve been installed.
They’re also waterproof, making them perfect to install in areas where you expect liquid spills:
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Laundry rooms
As long as you dry them regularly they won’t warp, loosen or rot.
Easy Maintenance
Vinyl floors are easy to clean. You don’t need any expensive or speciality products. Simply sweep and mop regularly.
Vinyl floors give manufacturers a way to offer you authentic looking floors at an affordable price. They can resemble:
  • Wood
  • Tiles
  • Stone
Do you want one of these without the costly installation and maintenance? Vinyl flooring is your answer.

Alternatively pick abstract designs from Remland’s extensive range to fit your modern home.
What do you need for your spaces?
Remland Helps You Find the Perfect Solution
Remland offers quality flooring at affordable prices. We’ll even provide accessories and other types of floor coverings for all your flooring projects.
Your projects can happen fast when you order everything online and have it delivered. The Remland team is ready to help you.