Furlongs Laminate Flooring


What is it that you look for in a professional floor manufacturer? Is it:

  • Quality planks?
  • The authentic look of wood?
  • A brand that is trusted by many?

If you want all these and more then you’ve come to the right place—Remland Carpets.

Which brand is one of our clients’ favourites? We promise you’ll be pleased when you purchase Furlongs wood and laminate flooring from us.

Furlongs flooring is the perfect solution to all these requests. View our online catalogue to find a design. We know the broad range allows you to find something you’ll love.

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Why is Furlongs Laminate Flooring Perfect for You?

You want to trust the company as much as the products, right? With Furlongs quite a few characteristics make them a worthy floor manufacturer to trust.

Flooring Specialists
Furlongs prides itself in being a top specialist of flooring. This applies to wood and laminate flooring and many more. It’s this type of versatility that is hard to beat.

With great knowledge of wood and laminate flooring the company:

  • Sources timber from the best suppliers
  • Alter designs to match the unique styles of its end users
  • Guarantees floors are easy to install

What more can you ask for when it comes to flooring? And it will work in your home or office!

Best Wood and Laminate Planks Qualities
A number one feature you want in flooring is durability. You don’t want to replace it often, right? This will mean you’ll have high purchase and installation costs.

This won’t be the case when you purchase Furlongs wood and laminate flooring from Remland.

What makes the planks so durable? As floor specialists they manufacture planks which are:

  • 18mm thick making them practical to install in high traffic zones.
  • Backed by a 20 year guarantee.
  • All the planks have a thick overlay which contributes to the durability. The floor won't scratch or stain easily.

Do you see why this is the solution you’ve been waiting for?

A Perfect Finish
You can opt for two finished looks. Each is perfect in its own right.

Brushed and Oiled
Planks which are brushed and oiled have enhanced grain textures. This helps give each plank the feel of real wood. These types of floors are matte and don’t have a shine to them.

A simple technique is used in which floors are polished to leave a shiny appearance. This is a perfect pick if you want your home to look clean because the rooms “shine”.

Which one matches your personal style?

What Do You Get from Remland?
We also promise to make your purchase worthwhile.

Purchasing from us is quick and easy whether in store or online. Our friendly professionals will take you through our wide selection and help you pick a Furlongs wood & laminate design for you.

To top it off, we’ll give you Fast Free* Delivery on every purchase.

Floor selections and installations are easy with Furlongs & Remland. Why would you want it any other way? Get shopping and get your dream floors today!