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    Clearance Flooring

    Can you get quality, luxurious flooring while keeping to a strict, limited budget?

    Use Remland Carpets'  clearance flooring range and you get exactly this!

    Remland wants each customer to find a flooring solution that suits their personal tastes as well as their budgets. That’s why we always offer quality flooring at clearance prices. You may just find the flooring you’ve been looking for here.

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    Our Clearance Offers

    Ready to start designing your dream home? What about your office? With these excellent low cost flooring options, you’ll be able to do more than you thought possible.

    Which of These Flooring Options do You need?


    Carpets are the perfect way to bring luxury and warmth into a room. And with the cheap flooring range you can get more done to transform your entire home or building.

    This flooring is ideal for any kind of room from offices to living rooms and children’s play areas. And you’ll find designs that suit all these spaces. The insulation features even help you keep utility costs low. Can you see how the right flooring option is vital for your future?

    Remland will help you find the perfect product for your space. What type of carpet do you need?

    Remember, this flooring sale offers the same high-quality products Remland is known for. But now you get them at reduced prices. So you can get your favourite brands such as Lano and Crown Floors at low cost flooring prices. You can do so much more without increasing your budget!

    Ready to add some style to your home?

    Don’t forget to consider carpet tiles as an alternative option. You may find top of the range products from manufacturers such as Burmatex or Forbo at the flooring sale.

    Tiles are easy to install so you can even save some money on installation costs. Then you’ll have even more of your budget to spend on stunning flooring options at Remland.

    All you have to do is visit the clearance flooring section regularly. The flooring options change frequently so even if you don’t see the ideal option today, you may find it here tomorrow.


    Another practical flooring option is vinyl. It cleans easily and you can install it yourself. One more way you can save money and get more renovations done!

    At Remland we source products from the best manufacturers in the business:

    • Beauflor
    • Forbo
    • Gerflor
    • Tarkett
    • Rhinofloor
    • Design Elements

    And these excellent brands can all be found in our clearance range sooner or later. All you have to do is browse Remland’s clearance range regularly. You’ll find limited stock, but the quality is the same you’ll find elsewhere on our product list.

    Once again you can opt for an even easier installation option if you use tiles. Vinyl tiles easily fit together for a sleek final product.

    Worried about what look to pick? The items we source from leading brands such as Polyflor and Camaro offer authentic designs that resemble wood, stone and tiles.

    Yes, you can have the ultimate classic, stylish look in your home, at a fraction of the price you’re expecting to pay.

    Ready to start browsing our cheap flooring range?

    Remember, vinyl is easy to take care of and hard wearing. You’ll save money now when you purchase these items and in the long term, you’ll save even more because you won’t need to replace floors for years! Vinyl can last for up to a decade and at Remland you get manufacturers’ guarantees on clearance items too.

    All the quality you’re looking for, at a price you can easily afford!

    Artifical Grass

    Remland always offers variety. Even when it comes to grass.

    Artificial grass is an effortless option for outside or you can use it indoors for play areas. And from brands such as Lawnfix and Oryzon you’ll always get the best products that look authentic.

    And these quality products can be found on Remland’s clearance flooring range too.

    Why did we create this range? We want to help you make your flooring dreams a reality.

    Don’t miss out on the options available now. There’s limited stock so it can be gone in an instant. Which product do you want? Place your order and we’ll deliver!

    Wood and Laminate

    Of course, nothing beats the classic designs such as wood. At Remland you’ll find many of your favourite types such as Oak or Walnut.

    What about laminate flooring that closely resembles wood finishes? With these you have less maintenance while the look will be as stylish as the original.

    And now you can have either of these at the lowest prices on the market. All thanks to Remland’s flooring sale.

    Will it last? Yes! Because Remland only sources from top brands such as Balterio and Furlongs. You can pay up to 50% less than usual prices and your home will look fit to feature in a magazine.

    Laminates work best with underlays and you can find these products in our accessory department. Remland offers you affordable prices, but also practical, fast solutions. All you need is under one roof!

    Commercial Flooring

    But we don’t simply cater for homes. What about saving money when redecorating commercial spaces?

    Of course, safety and durability are of paramount importance in these spaces. Even those features you’ll find on Remland’s clearance flooring range.

    You’ll find different types, colours and features to suit your preferences:

    • Find a colour that suits your branding
    • Use non-slip flooring to improve safety
    • Look for hardwearing top layers for heavy traffic areas

    And all of this is possible at an affordable price.

    Where to use Clearance Flooring

    Who Finds Solutions in Remland’s Clearance Range?

    So who should shop in this range? If you’re thinking it’s only for low budget projects, you’re wrong.

    Yes, Remland offers flooring products at exceptional prices. But the quality we offer is as high as the prices are low. You only have to look at the guarantees to see proof of this, such as:

    • 7-year guarantees on vinyl
    • 10-year guarantees on artificial grass
    • 25-year domestic guarantee on some wood and laminate items

    Yes, this type of quality is yours at very low prices. Have you placed your order yet?

    Home Use

    The products you find in the clearance range has everything your home needs:

    • Carpets create warm, inviting environments
    • Vinyl is easy to clean
    • Wood flooring is the perfect option when upgrading your look

    And now you can have these qualities at a fraction of the usual price.

    But what if you’re shopping for your office?

    Commercial Use

    You’ll find all the necessary features your health and safety standards require or your aesthetic requirements demand:

    • Vinyl with non-slip features will increase an area’s safety rating.
    • Hard wearing top layers will present well even in high traffic zones such as reception areas.
    • Use these clearance options for entrance carpeting or welcome mats. They will look stunning while they trap moisture and dirt. Now the rest of your flooring won’t get damaged as easily. And your solution is affordable!
    • The stylish options in this range allow you to upgrade your business’ look even if your budget is limited. Now you don’t have to wait for next year before you can renovate. Your office can get an upgrade now!

    Temporary/Charitable Use

    Looking for a quick, affordable option? You can get quality flooring for charitable causes or decorate your temporary spaces. And you don’t have to spend a lot.

    That’s why this range is so popular. It allows for quality flooring in many different environments. Remland knows flooring plays a huge role in the atmosphere of any room. And we love helping you create inviting spaces:

    • Create temporary housing with quality flooring that can easily be maintained.
    • Create stunning temporary commercial spaces such as shopfronts or stalls. Our prices are low enough that you can invest in flooring without spending your entire budget. Marketing is all about that first impression. Our striking sale options empower you to attract your customers’ attention with quality and aesthetics.

    No, it doesn’t make sense to purchase expensive flooring if you’re not going to use it for long. But this same flooring is now available at a low price. Why not use it and get high returns without making excessive investments?

    But you have to be quick. These sale items are popular. Remland customers know to look out for them and the best ones will be picked first. Will you be the lucky customer who walks away with new, stunning goods you purchased at a half price flooring sale?

    Why choose Remland?

    How Remland Fights for Your Budget

    Does it seem too good to be true? How can we promise high-quality products at such low prices?

    Remland simply goes the extra mile to make sure each customer finds a practical, stylish, quality solution:

    • Our team sources directly from manufacturers so we can offer you the lowest prices in the market.
    • We use local UK manufacturers so less is spent on transport.
    • Excess fabric and products are offered at clearance sale prices to make room for new items in our storerooms.

    Do you trust us now?

    Don’t miss out on the budget flooring specials that are waiting for you. You can find the perfect solution today!

    How to Get the Best Deal at Remland

    Because Remland loves helping customers find solutions we create many money saving options. You simply have to use them and you’ll see how much more you can do with the budget you have available:

    • Use our discount flooring department to pay the lowest prices for the best products on the market.
    • Shop online at Remland so you’re eligible for the lowest sale prices we offer.
    • Purchase accessories online too—yes some of them are on sale too—so you don’t waste time or money going to other vendors.
    • Some orders will be delivered for free. You don’t even have to spend your budget on transport.

    Can you see how Remland will help make your decorating dreams come true?

    Don’t Forget Your Other Options at Remland

    You can save money in our clearance flooring department so you can enjoy more of our other options. Remland stocks all flooring products so you can find all you need in one place:

    • All types of flooring. Some of them are featured in the clearance range now, but you’ll find even more options elsewhere on our site.
    • Accessories for installation if you’re planning a money-saving DIY project.
    • Maintenance and cleaning items so your floors can keep on looking stunning for years to come.

    We know it’s difficult to decide on flooring because it requires a long-term commitment. But don’t take too long before you decide, because our low cost flooring items get sold fast!

    We’ll help you make the final decision if you visit our showroom in Kent. View your options up close so you’re sure of your purchase. You can order samples to help you make up your mind in the comfort of your home.

    That’s how effortless Remland makes flooring solutions for you.

    When can You Enjoy These Prices?

    Scared this sale will end?

    It never will.

    Our clearance range is available right through the year. The only risk you take by not buying the flooring you love is that someone else will purchase it first. Yes, the items in our clearance range are limited. It’s best you place your order now before someone else does.

    Simply order online and request a delivery. And at the rates you find in the clearance flooring department, it’s worth purchasing your entire home or office’s flooring products now.

    What are you waiting for? These prices are so low you don’t have to hesitate! You can have the flooring you’ve always dreamed of without paying the price you imagined. Our clearance flooring range is vast. And it changes continuously. Your ideal options are waiting for you. Place your order online today to make use of your lowest rates. Don’t miss out on the deal of a lifetime!

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