Black Friday Laminate Flooring 2019


If you’re looking for great black Friday laminate flooring deals that bring all the convenience and resilience of modern production quality, then there has never been a better time to take a look at what Remland Carpets have to offer. With our Black Friday laminate flooring sale, getting a gorgeous, practical, and extremely budget-friendly floor has never been easier. Take a look at our stock and see some of the deals on offer.

Why Choose Laminate?


Why choose laminate?


Laminate flooring is already beloved as a cost-effective alternative to natural wood or stone floors. It brings the aesthetic, the smoothness, and the relative ease of care and maintenance, and makes it much more affordable. With our Black Friday laminate flooring deals, affordability becomes a discount that’s hard to ignore. These floors are long-lasting, hard-wearing, moisture, stain, and scratch resistant. What’s more, they don’t need anywhere near the level of preparation and care that real wood floors do. They’re perfect for busy households and those who don’t have the time to keep fussing over their flooring.


Any style that suits you


Our range of vinyl flooring is truly extensive. We have options mimic all kinds of wood and stone, but with all the advantages of modern flooring design. You can find beech, oak, and walnut options, or choose your own style with colours like black, grey, white, and more available. Many of our vinyl floorings have different styles available, so don’t forget to take a closer look at any product that interests you to see just how many options you have.


Why Choose Remland?


All the top brand names


At Remland Carpets, we take pride in ensuring that our customers are only given access to some of the best laminate flooring around. As such, we have several top brands all on our store, including Balterio, Lifestyle Floors, and Woodpecker. Whether you want the extra authentic look of Lifestyle Floors or you want the durability of a heavy-duty Balterio, we have the selection you need, highly discounted for this Black Friday.


We make finding your floor simple


Our Black Friday deals are front and centre, but our product page makes it exceedingly easy to find the floors you want. Filter by whatever preferences you want, sort by price to find the absolute best deals, and take advantage of easy, free ordering. Ordering online couldn’t be simpler, but if you want to visit our store in Kent to get a closer look and to get hands on, you’re more than welcome and we’ll be sure to help you through your choice.


Take advantage of our Black Friday laminate flooring sale now


Take a look through our laminate flooring section and you’ll quickly be able to see your options and choose the perfect new floor for your home at a lower price than ever. Our Black Friday sales aren’t going to stick around forever, so take a look before these special deals are all gone and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want help choosing the right floor for your home.