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    Marmoleum Flooring

    Do yourself a favour and forget looking at linoleum flooring for your new space - there’s something different on the market and it could transform your home or office flooring forever! Marmoleum is similar to Linoleum but with some amazing upgrades in look and design, with features that will make your living spaces really look the part!

    It's not hard to see the improvements, simply by looking at the variety of marmoleum flooring products and the features they offer. 

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    Why Marmoleum?

    Why do You Need Marmoleum?

    It’s the Safe and Healthy Option

    Marmoleum is made from raw, natural materials. It doesn't give off dangerous toxins or gasses like many other floorings do. Marmoleum flooring has certification that it’s asthma and allergy friendly, something that's important to take into account when looking for some new flooring, especially if someone in your home suffers from allergies. Not only that, but Marmoleum is heat resistant too. There's a far reduced chance that this flooring will burn, making it an excellent option for work spaces, children’s areas and homes.

    It’s Natural

    If you’re concerned about the environment, Marmoleum flooring may well be the answer you've been looking for. This style of flooring is British made from 97% natural raw materials, giving you a chance to be environmentally conscious and give your home a new lease of life at the same time!

    The Forbo Marmoleum flooring stocked at Remland:

    • is eco friendly
    • is 72% rapidly renewable
    • contains 43% recycled contents
    • is recyclable when you decide to replace it in future

    It’s Easy to Clean & Maintain

    If you’re looking for effortless flooring options that are both easy to clean and maintain in the event of any accidents, Marmoleum tiles should be on your list. Marmoleum is easy to clean with water and a mop, and has specialist cleaning solutions if anything more damaging occurs.

    It’s Durable

    We know our customers want long term solutions without breaking the bank; it's why we remain dedicated to sourcing the highest quality Marmoleum from the most reputable brands across the UK. Marmoleum can last up to 40 years though it’s usually kept for around 20, meaning that the flooring you choose today can last you for as long as you want to keep it!

    At Remland our Forbo Marmoleum range includes:

    • A Topshiled2 layer for protection
    • A double UV cured finish so it looks amazing during the whole time it adorns your home or office

    You can be Creative

    Marmoleum is one of the newer and trendier styles of flooring, becoming more and more popular with households nationwide. With a wide range of styles, designs and colours, you're bound to find something to your taste which matches your current decor - we have designs including:

    Another massive benefit of choosing Marmoleum flooring for your new project is its easy installation, ideal for a DIY project! 

    Laying down either Marmoleum sheets or Marmoleum Click tiles is an easy and painless process that you can do either yourself, or with the help of a professional. It's often compared to doing a puzzle; the tiles easily and securely fit into each other.

    If you do want to attempt a DIY project yourself, we also sell all of the appropriate accessories you might need - laying Marmoleum flooring isn't actually that difficult if you ensure you collect all the right equipment before you start and follow a comprehensive guide.

    It Suits Your Budget

    Marmoleum flooring in the UK is relatively affordable; we strive to offer quality products at amazing prices. This affordability stretches into your future too - considering its incredibly long lifespan, Marmoleum offers the best quality flooring as a long term investment. You'll only ever need to replace this flooring as matter of preference, not out of a neccesity.

    What is Marmoleum?

    What is Marmoleum?

    Marmoleum tiles are made from a variety of natural products:

    • Jute
    • Rosin
    • Linseed oil
    • Wood flour
    • Pigments

    Where to Use Marmoleum UK

    Marmoleum can be used in almost any scenario. With the range of designs available you can create flooring that suits many styles and situations:

    • Professional designs for offices
    • Colourful play areas for children’s rooms
    • Warm colours for kitchens or family rooms

    Marmoleum flooring is quiet which is an added benefit for offices and homes. If you don’t want footsteps disturbing a meeting or a sleeping child, then Marmoleum flooring is definitely something you should consider.


    Caring for Marmoleum

    Because of the natural elements in Marmoleum flooring, it's important to take good care and regularly maintain it so it doesn’t stain or rot. Luckily, the process doesn’t require much effort or time, it's just important that it happens on a regular basis.


    For general cleaning you simply use water and a soft mop, after which it can air dry. Don’t apply strong chemicals to the floor as it can damage or stain the natural surface - always read the bottle and advice online before using any chemicals on your new flooring.

    You also don’t want unnecessary harmful chemicals on a floor you purchased for its health benefits - these harsh chemicals can damage your flooring in the long term and greatly reduce its lifespan, leading to a need for a replacement much sooner than it otherwise would be.


    When Marmoleum is installed it needs to be well sealed. This prevents marks and damage. It's for this reason Remland’s Marmoleum flooring comes with a Topshield2 and UV finish.

    You can apply polish to Marmoleum but take care to purchase products that won’t harm the flooring - it's a good idea to look up the best products for the specific Marmoleum you choose.

    To ensure your Marmoleum flooring looks stunning throughout the years you must protect it from:

    • Stains
    • Scuff marks

    It’s wise to put protective layers between heavy furniture and Marmoleum flooring. This will lead to less indents in your floor, and prevent scratches when furniture is moved. Stains can form from oily or acid substances, so it's important to keep spillages and other accidents to a minimum as much as possible.


    Remland’s Offer to You

    We do our best to supply you with the best Marmoleum flooring options no matter the room, size or requirements. We source the best products, and constantly update our range to ensure you have access to the newest and best options to fit you requirements and budget.

    Our expert team wants to help you find the perfect, practical and aesthetically pleasing solution.

    Excellent Pricing

    We continuously sources the best products in the market and offer it to you at exceptional prices - we want to get the best flooring products to you at the cheapest price possible.

    Easy Purchase

    All of our Marmoleum products are available online, although if you do have questions you can visit our showroom in Kent or contact us!


    With our range of accessories also available, there's no need to go elsewhere to get your new flooring installed quickly!

    Marmoleum flooring is worth considering in any building and renovation projects. Use Marmoleum for its practicality and diversity, with its wide range of designs and styles, perfect for any project. Along with Remland’s other products such as carpets, vinyl and laminates, we can easily supply anything you need for your new flooring.

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