High quality vinyl with Vusta Flooring

If you’re looking to transform your kitchen, hallway, conservatory, porch...or any room for that matter, Vusta flooring is a must-see.

Vusta offer inspirational wood and stone effect vinyl floor tiles that are the ideal option for your home; not only are they are durable, the contemporary designs add a look of luxury to any room.
From warm, classic Walnut Wood planks, to contemporary Natural Sawn, the wood effect vinyl tiles from Vusta give the high-quality look of wood flooring, without the expense and maintenance. The stone effects such as Black Slate and Cotswold Stone are beautifully stylish. The natural tones make them look incredibly authentic and luxurious. 

Whether you are after a wood or stone effect, all of the vinyl floor tiles from the Vusta flooring range offer the perfect mix of versatile design and affordable quality. Vusta vinyl tiles boast all the beauty of nature with consistency of design. 

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