Vusta Vinyl Flooring

How convenient when you find flooring that works for virtually any space!


Yes this is possible. That’s what Vusta vinyl flooring is: A stylish floor covering for any scenario. The designs communicate luxury while the manufacturing gives you practicality.


Start browsing through the stunning wood and stone designs below. They look authentic so your home can now enjoy the beauty of nature at an affordable price. 

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Why choose Vusta?

Vusta vinyl tiles add style to your rooms. Yes all of them. You can use these in busy areas such as kitchens or hallways and even on your porch.


Still in doubt? Let’s look at why this is the ideal flooring option you can’t be without.


What is Vusta?

You’ll love Vusta flooring because it contains all the layers quality flooring needs.


It’s a PVC and fibreglass flooring covered with exceptional designs and protective top layers. There’s even a layer that emulates the natural texture. You’ll fall in love with when you start shopping.


With certain Vusta designs you get the future of modern flooring. Magnetic properties in underlays and Vusta vinyl tiles create a unique way of floor installation. You don’t need any adhesives and cleaning options are simplified. This is a faster, safer way of transforming your living spaces.


Vusta Flooring Works Because…



You need flooring that can work in many environments. Even your stylish entrance hall has to cope with a lot of traffic. Vusta offers you a durable surface that will impress anyone entering the room.


What about kitchens where you want effortless cleaning options? Yes, Vusta flooring gives you this. The wide range of natural designs means all your rooms will look stunning while being practical.



You’ll enjoy years of service from Vusta flooring. Some tiles are guaranteed up to 25 years and the hard top layers won’t get damaged easily. This means it’s ideal for high traffic areas.



This is an affordable way to get high quality flooring that also looks great. That’s an all-in-one deal!

Remland Carpets buy direct from manufacturers. You get excellent pricing on our online store. Keep an eye out for regular specials that will help you keep to your flooring budget.


Effortless Option

Vusta flooring makes everything easy for you:


  • Easy installation process thanks to magnetic properties
  • Easy cleaning
  • Low maintenance requirements



You’ll find it tough picking the ideal design. There are so many to select from. And they’re all excellent options because:


  • They look authentic
  • There are many classic natural designs such as Cotswold Stone or Black Slate
  • You can pick from a variety of colours


Are you ready to pick your Vusta Vinyl tiles?


Types of Vusta Flooring

When you browse through Vusta flooring products you’ll realize how perfect they fit with many decorating styles. The classic designs will match most themes and offer you the natural look which is so high in demand. You can get this at an affordable price and it will be easier to maintain than installing original products.


Here are some options to pick from:



The Timber Vusta vinyl tiles resemble various wood finishes. You can pick from different wood types and colours. Your rooms will seem to have real wood flooring while you enjoy the benefits of easy maintenance.


These stunning floors will stay in excellent condition for years with some products having 25 year guarantees. One more benefit you’ll love is these floors are compatible and safe to install with underfloor heating.



If you prefer natural stone effects Vusta vinyl is also your answer. These tiles resemble real stone so your rooms get the luxurious finish you desire.


You can pick from a variety of colours and use it with underfloor heating. That’s how Vusta vinyl makes flooring easy.



Parquet flooring will never lose its charm. You can install this look in your home with the Townhouse range in Remland’s Vusta line.


Let your creativity come to the fore and design your own unique look. Because these Vusta vinyl tiles are scratch and water resistant you’ll enjoy the design for years to come. A range of colours and designs are available in 305mmx76mm tiles.


What look will you create?



This is where classic style and modern features meet. You can install these stunning designs encompassing classic themes:


  • Slate
  • Stone
  • Oak
  • Walnut


All of them are available with the genius magnetic installation features in the underlay and backing.


Remland knows you want an easy solution. The magnetic underlay and all other accessories you need for installation are available from our online store.



What About Cleaning?

At Remland we know flooring isn’t only about how your room looks. You want easy cleaning options too. This feature makes flooring a worthwhile investment for the long term.


With Vusta vinyl flooring you get exactly this. Here’s how easy it is to clean Vusta tiles:


  • Specialised products are available. Alternatively you can use regular cleaning products.


  • Dilute cleaning products in water.


  • Mop the area


  • Allow to dry


Because some Vusta products don’t require adhesives you don’t even have to worry about water damaging the underlay.



Trust Remland for Your Ideal Flooring Solutions

Are you ready to have your flooring installed?


Remember to make use of the range of services Remland offers. This ensures a positive flooring experience:


  • Find carpets, Marmoleum and all other types of flooring your home requires in one place


  • Purchase your accessories—for installation and maintenance—online & have them delivered


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  • Ask for samples to be delivered if you want to match Vusta flooring to your current decor


  • Make use of our free delivery service* for qualifying orders


The Remland team helps you get the best solution that matches your flooring requirements. Vusta Flooring meets many needs we know our customers have. Are you ready to start shopping for your practical, luxurious floor? Start ordering online now!