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Stone Effect Vinyl Flooring

Do you love the look of stone floors but not the high prices attached to them? Stone vinyl floors from Remland Carpets can be your ideal solution. 
You can recreate the look of Tuscany in your home even on a tight budget. Start planning by looking through these stunning vinyl products.
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Where to use Stone Vinyl

To help you make your final decision, here are some handy tips.
Where Can You Install Stone Vinyl Flooring?
Stone vinyl floors enable you to bring classic and modern stone looks to almost any area inside your home or commercial spaces. And at Remland’s prices it will always be affordable.
What about using it in these areas:
Do you want to add a natural feel to your kitchen? Find the right hue in Remland’s vast range of stone vinyl flooring to complement your cupboards and décor, such as:
  • Shades of black
  • Beige
  • Grey
  • Sand coloured stone
  • Brown
You know these colours are timeless and the designs look authentic so visitors will think it’s the real thing!
Installing genuine stone floors can be expensive especially in large spaces. Simply pick vinyl floors with an authentic stone effect.
Designs such as the Promenade Vinyl or Liberty Limestone from Lifestyle Floors are perfect options to add a theme to your décor. Imagine Italian of Mediterranean décor against these unique floors as backdrops.
But is this flooring a wise option as well as an aesthetically pleasing one?

Benefits of Vinyl Flooring

Benefits of Vinyl Floors
You’ll love how these floors benefit your lifestyle. Here’s how.
Vinyl floors are easy on your budget. You’ll find some of the best prices at Remland, but you’ll also save with installation. The floors are easy to install yourself requiring little resources and tools.
Simple Upkeeping
Vinyl floors are easier to maintain than real authentic stone floors. This is enough reason to pick this flooring option. You’ll find these floors are easy to clean by simply sweeping and mopping.
The floors are hard wearing so they’re perfect to install in high traffic areas. From manufacturers such as Lifestyle Floors you get up to 12 year Manufacturers Guarantees. They won’t lose colour or show damage for years to come.
Ultimate Comfort
Imagine a stone floor that’s soft to the touch. Vinyl is comfortable to walk on as the soft layers absorb shock and even insulate your rooms. This is more beneficial than real stone if it’s cold outside.
Simply another reason to consider stone vinyl flooring for your home.
Designs for Every Style
Some manufacturers offer different hues so you’ll definitely find colours that perfectly match your décor. Remland sources a wide range so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.
Why Partner with Remland?
Remland’s wide range and quality products are motivated by you. We want to help each of our customers realise their flooring goals. And with stone vinyl flooring you can add style and luxury to your home.
We make the process easy by offering delivery services and you can even order free samples. What else can we do to help you today?