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Luxury Carpets


Every single home needs luxury carpet. There’s nothing that feels as good as the satisfaction you get with a thick carpet - on a budget! Whether you’re looking for residential carpets or commercial options, Remland Carpets has the luxury flavour that you need to complete the look of your property. We offer luxury carpets for any room in the house - or even the office - in a variety of colours and sizes.

Luxury Carpet Ranges


We carry a variety of different brands and the biggest reason that luxury carpet is such a popular option is because it’s rare that cheap carpets come in as good a quality as what Remland Carpets have on offer. We stock the top brands, including Flotex, Lano, Crown FloorsAlternative Flooring and JHS for our luxury carpet range. Remland Carpets know that your favourite bargain has to be the best quality, and this is why we guarantee the hard-wearing and long-lasting carpets that are great value for money. We have a huge clearance stock of luxury carpet, meaning that you can get your favourite colour and size at a knock-down price.


Luxury Carpet Delivery


Remland Carpets currently some amazing offers- the savings are HUGE. We offer free, fast delivery for mainland areas and we are confident in both our service and the way that you will feel once your luxury carpet is installed.