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    Flotex Flooring

    Don't you hate when you have to decide between two really excellent things? Today you’re given an easy option. Flotex. It is the only product available in the flooring market that combines the appeal of a textile floor covering with the practical and hygienic advantages of other resilient floorings.
    Flotex represents the best of both worlds. You simply can’t go wrong; you get the beauty, warmth of a bathroom carpet, the durable, effortless, easy-to-clean and waterproof features of vinyl flooring and with our range, you can get all of this at excellent prices.
    Which one of our Flotex floorings will match your style? There’s a wide range to pick from because we are officially the largest, independent Flotex retailer in the UK.

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    What is Flotex?

    We think Flotex is genius, and an ideal solution for residential properties anywhere in the world.

    Flotex is a fabric made of about 60 million nylon fibres per m². This is unique because all the fibres stand up straight unlike in conventional carpet flooring. With the fibres in vertical positions there’s less chance of dirt or liquids being retained by the fibres. You get the luxury feel of a carpet, with the easy to clean qualities of vinyl.

    Why choose a Flotex Kitchen Carpet?

    Why Flotex is an Excellent Flooring Option

    You may think it sounds crazy to suggest having carpet in your kitchen. Take a look at the features you will experience with Flotex and you'll soon see why it makes sense to use it at home, not just as a kitchen carpet but in a utility, as a hallway carpet or in dining areas as well as having it laid in commercial spaces:

    Warmth: You can walk barefoot in winter and you won’t feel the cold through the floor as Flotex insulates a room the same way a normal carpet does. This means you can even save on your energy bill if you install Flotex tiles.

    Versatility: We aim to offer you Flotex flooring in a variety of designs and styles. You’ll find a colour and look to suit your needs:

    Wood and Stone designs: Some of the Flotex designs on offer are so realistic that they look like real stone or wood floor designs.

    Patterns: You can pick a pattern you love in the colour you need or feel fits in the space you're renovating. There are abstract and realistic styles, undoubtedly some of which will suit your personal preference.

    Colours: You can pick rolls or Flotex carpet tiles in a range of colours. With Flotex carpet tiles you can create your own look by joining your favourite colours together in any pattern.

    Planks: The Flotex Planks range offers you Flotex tiles that resemble wood designs. You can match different shades together for a unique effect or create a professional look with a warm feel.

    Types: You can purchase rolls of carpet or make use of Flotex carpet tiles in different colours. Flotex carpet tiles are an excellent option when you want to create your own unique looking floor.

    Durability: You’ll love how durable your Flotex carpet proves itself to be - you don’t have to concern yourself with:

    Liquid spills: The formation of the fibres doesn’t soak up a stain as normal carpets do. The drops will simply lie at the bottom of the Flotex carpet until you clean it. You can pat it dry or suck the liquid with a vacuum cleaner. Flotext carpets even have water resistant features! This means they can also be washed without you damaging the surface.

    Heavy traffic: Flotex carpets can be used in heavy traffic areas. It won’t easily show the effects of wear and tear, ideal for use around the house or in commercial areas

    Health & Hygiene: A Flotex carpet’s fibre design doesn’t retain allergens or bacteria. A vacuum cleaner will simply catch these particles during cleaning. This makes it an excellent option for homes where family members struggle with allergies. Flotex is actually approved by Allergy UK.

    Where will Flotex Work?
    You’ve seen how versatile Flotex carpets can be. Because of the range of options available at Remland you should consider using it in:

    • Kitchens. Kitchen carpets are becoming more popular because they don’t stain or wear easily
    • Bedrooms because it will create a warm atmosphere as well as being durable
    • Offices because it looks professional and will dampen the sound of footsteps
    • Schools because it can easily be cleaned, creates warm spaces and is a healthy option

    Maintaining Flotex

    How do You Clean a Flotex Carpet?
    Your Flotex carpet will never give you cleaning problems. The unique fibre design makes any kind of cleaning easy and painless:
    Dry Cleaning
    Most of the time you simply have to vacuum your Flotex flooring. A brush feature on your vacuum cleaner will lift dirt from the fibres so it can be caught up and removed. Even pet hair can easily be wiped off with a cloth.
    Wet Cleaning
    Because Flotex is waterproof you can do wet cleaning. You can use detergents and water, but make sure it’s safe for use on Flotex before using any chemicals.
    After a while your Flotex carpet may require deep cleaning. Don’t overuse chemicals, as incorreect substances can damage your flooring very easily. You can scrub your Flotex carpet without damaging it, but make sure you leave it to air dry before the area is used again.


    Why Remland is Your Solution

    Largest Flotex Retailer
    Remland is proud to be the largest Flotex retailer in the UK. We stock well-known brand Forbo Flotex, a leader in the flooring field. You won’t get a better or wider Flotex range anywhere in the country.
    These quality products are available at reasonable prices via Remland’s online ordering service.
    Providing all Your Flooring Needs
    Apart from flooring, you’ll also find accessories in our store. These will help you install and care for your Flotex carpet or other Remland flooring options:
    Door bars
    Adhesives and tapes
    We offer you a one stop option so you can quickly take care of your flooring needs. If you struggle to make up your mind, see if there are samples available online or come and see your options at our showroom in Kent. As well as the above, we also offer ranges of:
    Wood and Laminates
    Order and Purchase
    When you’re ready to order your Flotex carpet, or any other flooring you set your eyes on, you can simply place your order online and have it delivered to your door. Qualifying orders are delivered free* to the UK Mainland.
    A Flotex carpet may be what you’ve been searching for to give your home a new lease of live. You don’t have to compromise on any of your requirements, with high quality and affordable Flotex.

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