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With over 27 years’ experience in selling carpets, Remland knows a thing or two about quality carpets. Our black Friday carpet range is by far our most diverse, with options to suit all tastes. Our large range of black Friday carpet deals make it easier than ever to end up with the perfect look and feel for your home. Take a look at the range of carpets on offer, and you’ll be sure to spot a deal that meets your needs.


Find your perfect Black Friday carpet deals


Remland Carpets has a huge range of different carpet products in stock so you’re bound to find something that suits your home. Whatever your preferences, you’re almost guaranteed to find a carpet suiting your needs that’s had its price slashed in our Black Friday carpet sale. Whatever the design, from patterned carpets to striped carpets, whatever the material, from wool carpets to velvet carpets, we have options for you. If you’re looking for specific types, such as stain-resistant carpets, kids’ carpets, or carpet tiles, we have plenty of options to meet those needs.

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Why Remland?


All of the best brands available at Remland Carpets


We’ve stocked options from a wide range of brands, including Lano, JHS, iSense, and Carefree Carpets, known for their resilient, long-lasting products that take away a lot of the fuss that normally comes with owning a carpet. Of course, we also have our own Remland Clearance and Remland Remnant carpets so if you’re looking for the most affordable deals slashed down even further for Black Friday, we got you covered. From the colourful Margo Selby collection to the luxurious Barefoot Marble Collection, we’re glad to help you find the perfect carpet to meet your needs. Many of our carpets come with multiple style variations, so if a brand name or price tag catches your eye, take a closer look. You’re likely to find the aesthetic that matches yours perfectly.


Remland makes carpets easy for you


Our Black Friday carpet deals are going to make your favourite products all the cheaper and more accessible, but that’s not all we do to help you find the perfect match for your style. Take a look at our products where you can narrow down your options to meet your material, brand, colour needs and more. You can sort by price to make it even easier to see what the best deals we have on offer are.


Take advantage of our Black Friday carpet flooring deals now


Our online carpet section makes it easy to look over our whole stock and find the perfect solution for your home, office, or wherever else you need carpet. Black Friday makes it more affordable than ever, but make sure to act before our deals are gone.

If you want a little help choosing the best carpet to meet your needs, don’t hesitate to give us a call or to get in touch through our online chat function. If you want a closer look and a touch before making your decision, come on down to our Kent store, where you can hands-on with a huge range of samples, too.