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Natural Carpets

Are you looking for a cool contemporary flooring selection for your home? You might want to consider natural carpets. Natural carpets are styled with natural shades and made from completely environmentally friendly materials. We have one of the best collections of natural collections on the market from a range of the best household brands.

Natural Carpet Styles


Whether you are looking for a Berber Loop, a contract or a sparkling carpet, you’re going to find them all here at Remland Carpets. We offer a wide range of styles to suit everyone, so you are guaranteed to find something you can fall in love with. Choosing the right natural carpet for your home can be a challenge but with our broad variety of styles, we have carpets for every home and business. You can find deep pile Saxony, patterned, iSense, and even velvet carpets when you browse through our selection.


Natural Carpet Brands


If you’re someone who likes to stick with the brands you know, we can offer you some of the best branded natural colour carpets on the market right now. For example, if you bought your previous carpet from Crown Floors, we carry a range of their stock here at Remland. Or, if you know you like the quality of Carefree Carpet Collection, we have a variety for you to choose from! It is important to us that you have a carpet that you love for your home, and that is why we carry a range of different brands and styles of natural carpets. Whether you want a specific brand of carpet, or you’re just browsing through the different options, we’re sure that there’s something for you.


Why Choose Natural Carpets?


If you’re tired of carpets that quickly become an eyesore or take away from the natural beauty of a room, then this is definitely the choice for you. These carpets have simple styles that can be a perfect feature of a room but won’t draw attention away from other areas. For instance sisal natural carpet can provide a rustic aesthetic that many buyers will love. That means that you don’t have to worry that other features are going to be dwarfed by your carpet choice.


As well as being absolutely stunning, our natural carpets come with all the features that you love. They are stain resistant, slip resistant and highly durable. These soft, gorgeous carpets will last for years without some of the typical problems such as stains and fraying. Our natural carpets are tougher than most and won’t fail you even with significant levels of wear. They’re also completely cost friendly and easily fit within any design budget.


Another great benefit of this style of carpet is the material itself. Natural carpets can be made of sisal, seagrass, jute or coir and are produced from plants that are completely sustainable. If you’re looking for the environmentally friendly option, this is certainly a great choice.